Hopper Valley Music
Ray is a new rising country star with 100+ songs.

Ray and Tammie sing his songs so beautifully, bringing country
sound to a new level.

Ray was born in Georgia and grew up in Tennessee. After
serving in the United States Air Force, he was a truck driver
most of his life. Many of his songs were written going down the
highway in an 18 wheeler.

While in the Air Force, like so many others, Ray got a 'Dear
John' letter from his hometown sweetheart which made him start
writing songs.

Ray has always been a little shy and never really wanted fame
and fortune.  He says that when he was young, he couldn't have
handled the temptation of women (LOL).

Ray just wants to let the world know about his music. One thing
is true, Ray is not shy about performing, he loves it.

Ray hopes others will like his sound, and buy his CD after
listening to a sample of his songs.  Ordering is easy through
PayPal, which is the most trusted name in money transfer over
the internet.  You don't have to be a member and any credit card
will work.  Or you can send a check to:

Raymond Hopper

10244 Crystal View

Universal City, TX 78148
Raymond Hopper